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Join the Pause Trauma-Informed Coaching Certification program – our signature 400-hour certification program that provides expert-level coach training that enables you to become a masterful, heart-centered wellness coach so you can start your business & change the world.

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Samantha Skelly

Do you feel that fire in your soul and excitement in your heart?

The very feeling that leads you here, reading these words, about to explore your next level.

Do you feel it? Yes. That’s it, that’s the one.

That my love, is the intuition of the body, the deep wisdom we all have, yet rarely use. The intelligence you were gifted at birth, but maybe somewhere along the line forgot. The good news is, it’s never too late to remember… You came here to be a leader, you came here to be more, do more, express more, you came here to live out your deepest soul’s mission. And now is your time.


The Pause Trauma-Informed Coaching Certification Program

This program is an embodiment based, trauma-informed intensive training program for wellness leaders who want to dedicate their lives to raising the consciousness of humanity and decreasing the suffering of the collective.

After all, that’s the work your soul signed up for long before you read these words.

This 10-month, 400-hour certification program will train you in the PHOENIX FORMULA, the Pause signature coaching process that Samantha Skelly has used to help thousands of people around the world.

This program is for you if...

So, why is now the perfect time?

I decided to become a coach because I was in a corporate job that no longer gave me a sense of purpose and when I found out about Pause, it sparked some energy in my body.

The best part for me is the personal development journey you will go on. It is a complete rollercoaster. You will have good days and bad days and everything in between but the amount of support you receive throughout your journey is incredible. You are helped, guided and supported every step of the way. I will walk away from this course with life long friends and for that I am truly grateful.

If you feel that excitement in your body, take that courageous step and change your life.

This course teaches you so much that you will walk away with a solid foundation to start coaching immediately and coach with confidence. Worth every penny and I would recommend it to anyone.​



-Shelly W.



You will be paired with a trauma-informed, experienced mentor who embodies all of the Pause principles & values, throughout the entirety of the program. You will be seen, heard + held closely as you navigate through.

A Trauma-Informed Lens

The entire program has been infused with trauma-informed principles, skills + technique, so that you can hold your clients in a responsible and educated way.

Personal Exploration & Coach Embodiment

While you learn the skills of coaching, the entire program simultaneously focuses on personal empowerment and self-reflection. This is a deep dive into fully experiencing your own personal relationship with yourself and others, which will allow you to start fully embodying all of the practices and techniques you’ll be passing on to your clients.

Coaching Mastery & Client Transformation

Coaching Mastery & Client Transformation The Phoenix Formula is the core of the program that covers the Pause signature coaching process. Samantha will teach you her proprietary system for expertly transforming your clients in a systematic and sustainable way. You will learn how to coach your clients through any issue by helping them release limiting conditioning and beliefs and restore their original power of choice.

Once graduated and certified what will you be able to do with this training?

Work deeply and intentionally with clients. Go deep into their world to support them in inner liberation & freedom.

Create spaces where your clients can come together and heal. We all know the power of community and growing and healing alongside like-minded people.

Build your business either in the jungles of Costa Rica or the shores of Hawaii – a retreat style coaching business is a beautiful option for those who crave travel and location independence.

Corporations all over North America are fuelling budgets into their wellness budgets as they know how vital wellness coaching is to their employee’s productivity and effectiveness.

Perhaps you desire to fuel your life into more scalable, less intimate products. The Pause Coaching Certification can be shared through online platforms like digital courses and membership sites.

Martina S
The Pause Coaching Program has supported my growth in so many ways, not only to be a more effective coach, but also through my own personal and spiritual development. I’m shocked and grateful for how much I’ve transformed in such a short time. I’m so excited to share the tools I’ve learned with others and help guide them to finding their inner peace and true happiness!

-Martina S.

Program Features


During the Practicum portion of the program, you will put the Phoenix Formula into action and coach clients, peers, and members of the Pause community to master your craft. You will take on clients pro-bono to share your teaching and receive feedback. The purpose of the Practicum is for you to establish full confidence in your ability and skill set to help anyone transform.


For the duration of the Certification Program, you will be paired up with a Pause mentor to support your personal growth and journey. Each mentor is a current, Pause-trained coach who has completed the Certification Program and knows the teachings inside and out.


You will have an easily accessible & easy to use online portal that includes material for all learning styles. Every module includes a video, a reflection form, an audio practice, transcripts and visuals (when needed).

Coaching support
crowd with yoga mats standing with their arms stretched wide


As a Certification student, you will have exclusive access to a private membership site where you can interact daily with your peers and mentors. The purpose of this group is for you to have a safe space to share your experience during the program and seek support from other participants.


As a trauma-informed program, it is important that you have breaks to integrate everything you are learning & experiencing. Within the 10 months, there are 3 one-week breaks. We are also mindful of how much information we teach at one time, to allow for digestibility + titration.


Pause will host a 2-day online graduation retreat at the end of the program. This event is optional but encouraged as a way for you to come together with your peers, mentors, and Samantha.


Throughout the entirety of the program, you will participate in embodiment labs, community meditations & mastermind calls. The embodiment labs are where you learn directly from Samantha and the mentors to deeply embody everything you’ve learned from the membership site. Before each lab, there is a guided meditation available to you to support you with transitioning from daily life into learning. Observation calls are where you get to witness coaching in real-time and ask your questions. All of the calls we offer are designed with the intention to deeply support you with being a powerful coach.

Everything starts with the coach.

I don’t know about you, but I know I have a certain heightened awareness and irritation with “life coaches” who clearly aren’t doing their own work.

Continued work and personal growth is vital to the success of any excellent coach.

It’s my intention to only support those who have a high level of emotional responsibility and understand the importance of taking care of our vessel before we support others (much like the airplane oxygen mask spiel you hear on a flight).

The best coaches in the world are the ones who are fully integrated and constantly evolving.

You’ll never “arrive” at being a good coach. It’s all about constantly learning, unearthing, and discovering. Providing you’re committed to this journey, you’ll become the best version of yourself, thus making you an outstanding coach who can serve others.  

I believe in embodiment. I believe we should emulate what we are sharing. Each cell of our being should be in alignment with the words that we speak. We should be walking the walk in addition to talking.

I’ve decided to become a coach after going through a long journey of self-development.

The best part about this program was learning that there’s so much more than mindset work and positive thinking when it comes to facilitating sustainable change.

This program really holds you close while you learn and embody these life changing skills. One of the things I’m most grateful for is the limitless opportunities & designated time to practice the skills as we learn them; and of course an amazing support system of incredible mentors to lean on as we navigate our own healing.

A truly incredible experience.

-Monica M.

This Certification Will Give You...


Work deeply and intentionally with clients. Go deep into their world to support them in inner liberation & freedom.


Create spaces where your clients can come together and heal. We all know the power of community and growing and healing alongside like-minded people.


Build your business either in the jungles of Costa Rica or the shores of Hawaii – a retreat style coaching business is a beautiful option for those who crave travel and location independence.


Corporations all over North America are fuelling budgets into their wellness budgets as they know how vital wellness coaching is to their employee’s productivity and effectiveness.


Perhaps you desire to fuel your life into more scalable, less intimate products. The Pause Coaching Certification can be shared through online platforms like digital courses and membership sites.

Your time is now, the world is waiting for you.

The next step for you in this process is to fill out the application and book a call with us.

Our intention is to get to know you and understand your vision and goals. It’s so important that you choose to join us from a place of alignment. It needs to feel like a full body “YES!” Let’s explore your aspirations together and find out if pursuing this.

And remember, when the body says ‘YES’, you’ll figure out the rest.

You came to this Earth for a reason

You are here for a reason.

You know there’s more to life than hustling for your worth and always being in survival mode.

You are a being of light and love and you are meant to live a life that lights you up from the inside out.

You are a healer.

You are a heart-centered lightworker who wants to help others and change the world.

Being here is your first step toward doing just that.

The act of YOU stepping into your power and giving yourself permission to follow your bliss will have a ripple effect that will enable others to do the same.

Just stop for minute and think of how amazing it would be to live in a world where:

It’s absurd to think we ever hated ourselves or questioned our worth..

Joy was our resting position, our nature state

Everyone is connected to themselves at a deeper level.

The day to day struggle has been replaced by day to day thriving.

This isn’t some far off fantasy…

This is the reality that is waiting for us…

We just need enough lightworkers to step up, own their power, and get to work.

So…wanna join the movement?

Why is this a 10 month program?

Real, lasting transformation takes time, whether you’re a coach or a client.

There is a lot of content to cover in this program, and we want to make sure you not only have time to learn the ins and outs of these teachings but also have the time to practice them and integrate them into your own life and coaching practice.

High quality coaches who truly impact their clients take personal responsibility for their own commitment to growth and development.

One off training or 2-day seminars are usually quick and dirty. They do not give you the exposure to content and the time to integrate the lessons learned into your skill set. The bottom line here

is that I want you to be successful ASAP. And to achieve that, you need to be willing to commit to the time and lessons it will take to get you there.

Introducing The Phoenix Formula

The Phoenix Formula transformation will enable you to take any client from a “numbed out” state to emotional freedom. Here are the core modules you will go through:

  • Mapping Out The Human Experience
  • Playing With Energy
  • Embracing & Transcending Pain
  • Developing Forgiveness, Courage + Trust
  • Evolving & Embodying True Nature

Words cannot describe the depth of my gratitude for the certification program. Not only was I able to master my emotions and heal decades of pain I’d believed I was stuck with forever–but it gave me the skills to help others do the same.

If I never made a penny off what I learned, the transformation itself would be well worth the investment. However, in the 10 months since graduating the program, I have generated over $102,000 from my coaching programs. I also have two Italy retreats planned for next year, one of which is completely booked out and will yield over $10,000 in my pocket after expenses.

I’m excited to take everything I learned this past year so that I can grow my business even more. Making money has never been more fun, easy, fulfilling or rewarding. The program has been an absolute gift to my life and so many of the lives I get to touch every day.

-Chrystal R.



Samantha Skelly is an entrepreneur and CEO of two multi-million dollar industry-leading wellness companies, a highly sought-after international speaker, best-selling author, and wellness coaching expert with a heart-centered approach to business,

A leading authority on healing addiction, anxiety & mental health issues using the power of breathwork, Samantha has made it her life’s mission to teach people to empower themselves through the breath so they can thrive and increase their quality of life though breathwork. and coaching.

After her own deeply transformational journey, in 2018, Samantha launched Pause with the mission to decrease suffering and increase human consciousness through the power of breathwork & coaching. Pause trains and certifies people to become masterful breathwork facilitators & wellness coaches.

Samantha’s desire to mainstream breathwork and provide humanity with accessible and affordable healing led her to launch her mobile app ‘Pause Breathwork’ where thousands of people worldwide use her technology to clear stress using their breath.

Samantha has taught breathwork to nearly 250,000 people worldwide and has trained and certified hundreds of people around the world in her methods.

The team to help you become the best coach possible

Ashley Perl

Ashley is a Professional Life Coach, Certified Breathwork guide and host of The Embodied Self Podcast. She’s committed to creating a world where embodiment, authentic expression, and emotional and spiritual wellbeing are the norm (not the exception). She’s wildly passionate about guiding sensitive souls back into self love and alignment, and supporting the healing and clearing of intergenerational trauma through somatic and embodiment-based transformational coaching. She’s extremely grateful to be leading delivery and mentorship as the Experience Lead at Pause.
Ashley is a life-long learner and currently enjoying learning about Ayurveda and Human Design. After spending most of her life in Chicago, she followed her life-long dream and moved to Colorado where she enjoys hiking, snowboarding, concerts at red rocks and volleyball at the park.
Bobbi DiClaudio

Bobbi DiClaudio

Is a Coach and Retreat/Workshop Facilitator. Bobbi’s straightforward attitude, fierce commitment to personal growth and pure dedication to sharing what she has learned in her 20-year journey of self-discovery with others are the backbone for her work. Her bottom up, inside out, energy shifting approach enables her clients to achieve new levels of personal fulfillment and inner peace along with sustainable outcomes in the areas of health and Wellness. Bobbi has an extensive background in Personal Growth Workshop facilitation, wellness leadership and holds certifications from Hungry for Happiness, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the Institute for Eating Psychology, as well as training in Reiki Mastery, QiGong, and Color Code Personality Assessment.

Kari Whipkey

Kari Whipkey

Is a mother of 4 amazing children, an entrepreneur, body connection coach, ceremonialist and a medicine woman who has created a coaching program helping women reconnect back into their bodies through breath, sound and movement as well as using plant medicine to go deep into healing the emotional, mental and physical body. Kari has completed the Mind/Body Wellness certification through Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, as well as a Body Connection Coach certification through Hungry for Happiness. Kari’s passion and mission is to help women heal their relationship with their bodies so that they can live a life full of peace, presence and happiness!

Marti Stany

Marti is a licensed clinical social worker and educator specializing in trauma, sexuality, relationships, mental health, and addictions.  She saw the benefit of trauma-informed care from working with military members during 20 years of service.  She primarily uses somatic interventions that allow the body to release traumatic experiences so they can navigate the world more safely.  Learning of the power of body-based wisdom, Marti began her journey as a sex therapist and educator by first becoming an Erotic Blueprint™ Coach.  She is now working on a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality, focusing on sexual pleasure.  Marti is also certified in EMDR and is a Trainer/Consultant-in Training. When she’s not cuddling with puppies, you can find Marti enjoying live music, cooking, learning a new skill, traveling, or writing a dissertation.  

Dana DiGioia

Dana DiGioia

Is certified Self-Love Coach and Breathwork Facilitator with a passion for personal development, somatic healing, and creativity. These past 3 years, she’s received training with The Institute of Integrative of Nutrition, Embodied Rebel Academy, Hungry for Happiness, and Pause Breathwork. She implements the disciplines learned throughout these programs to support others in healing the relationship they have with food, the body, and soul. In her free time, she enjoys creating art and spending time in nature or hanging with friends. Dana lives in her hometown of Wilmington, North Carolina.

Wondering if you’re a Perfect Fit for this Program?

If you resonate with one of the below
describes you came to the right place…

You are already an experienced coach. You took your Life Coach Certification, but still feel there is something missing. You aren’t going deep enough and feel a general sense of unfulfillment from just the tactic tools and mindset work. You are ready to go further, transform deeper and raise your prices.

You’ve never coached before. But, you have that feeling, that inner fire that is guiding you to finally pursue your calling and step into your dharma. You are ready to deeply immerse yourself in the world while developing a skill set that will change the world.

You aren’t sure you want to be a coach, yet. You are craving a container where you can grow alongside a community of people who think like you. You are ready to find your tribe and elevate into your highest self.

How Is This Different From Other Programs?

Trauma Informed

We are 100% trauma informed. We coach from a trauma based perspective to ensure you avoid retraumatization when you coach your clients.

Continual Community

Once you graduate you are entered into our community and network of graduates. This group will keep you up to date on new curriculum updates while maintaining a deep supportive community.

Personal Transformation

Coaches are only as good as their own development. We center your growth and the core of this program which not only supports your growth, but capability and confidence as a coach.

Somatic & Energetic Based

If we want to feel better, we need to be better feelers. This program is based on the bottom up approach. When we start in the body, we shift at a deep, cellular level.

My first breakthrough in the Certification Program was learning to break down the ways I feel and process. The program helped give my mind something to do, which creates the ‘pause’ versus just reacting or behaving as I normally did, and that was enough time for me to separate out what was going on. I learned how much my mind was on autopilot and how I could take my life back by not letting it run the show. The alignment work was the icing on the cake! It’s what made everything click for me. I now know that when I am vibrating high life flows.

-- Jessica T.

Frequently Asked Questions

After the 10-month immersion, you will have all of the skills and knowledge necessary to start your business. You will be a confident and skilled coach with the expertise to help people identify, explore, and heal the root cause of their struggles. No matter your financial goals or how you want to deliver content (i.e. running your own coaching retreats or online coaching programs), you will walk away from the program with a structured plan to achieve your goals. Something to note: I would highly encourage you to create an online business so that you can work from anywhere in the world.

The program begins on February 22, 2022 and will continue for 10 months.

We recommend you block out 8 to 10 hours per week to complete this program. Consider this a university level course. It’s essential you keep up with the pace of the course while you do the work on yourself. The 8 to 10 hours will be a mix of personal work, client work, embodiment, and learning the Phoenix Formula concepts. Time management is an essential skill to learn as you build your coaching practice. Starting to integrate time blocking into your schedule during this process is highly recommended.

There are a wide range of niches you can enter into once you complete this training. From our over 500 graduates, here are some of the top niches they have chosen to enter:

  • Emotional Eating Coach
  • Anxiety Coach
  • Body Image Coach
  • Self Love Coach
  • Depression Coach
  • Career Coach
  • Energetic Alignment Coach

We’ve created an extremely detailed syllabus for 2021. In this document, you will find an outline of the complete course curriculum as well as a high level concept of what you will be learning. Once you apply for the program, you will book an interview call with a member of our enrollment team. On that call, we will dive into the specifics of the program and get to know you on a deeper level. The intention for this call is to ensure this program is the perfect fit for you.

The graduation event is a 2-day online immersion for you to come together with your classmates, Samantha, and the Pause team to celebrate the 10-month journey you completed. Graduation is an optional but highly recommended 2-day experience full of collaboration, workshopping, self-discovery, healing, and fun! You will be challenged to show up for your life and your dream business. There is no hiding, because we believe in you. 

Pause offers a 21-day grace period from the start of the program for refund requests. After the grace period expires, no refunds will be granted for any reason. If you pay in full and decide to leave the program before it is completed, you may be eligible for a refund, but it will be prorated for the amount of time you were actively enrolled in the course. The initial deposit remains non-refundable.

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The next round of the Certification Program starts February 22, 2022

This course sells out every year. We’re filling up quickly for this round and have limited spots available…

If you’re ready to take the first step in building the business and life of your dreams.

A Note From Samantha

I spent years of my life in therapy, working on my mindset, constantly trying to “force my way” through personal development. Being the naturally active thinker that I am, I used this same logic to try and “think my way out of my eating disorder and chronic anxiety” and failed, time and time again.

I can remember therapists saying that I needed more sessions or I just needed to try harder. I felt defeated and like a failure. I tried so hard to heal myself over and over again, and it never worked, so I acted out negatively and constantly berated my mind and body.

After years of this vicious cycle of trying to heal myself with all of the quick fixes and bandaid on bullet wound methods that were out there, and always failing, I finally realized that there had to be another way.

Cognitive strategies just weren’t working, and although I avoided alternative methods like the plague, I finally got real with myself and had a “come to Jesus” moment to admit that all the ways I was told I could heal myself just weren’t working. So I decided to explore energy work and learn the fundamentals of energetic alignment and energetic clearing.

Within weeks of starting this work, everything changed

For once in my life, I could FEEL. I could feel emotions that weren’t just anxiety. It was the first time I felt FREE of the heaviness permanently crushing my chest. I was able to breathe deeply without emotionally overwhelming myself.


I wondered why the standards of healing were so backwards. We weren’t addressing the emotional body at all, and that is the foundation for trauma and pain.

This is when my healing journey truly began. This is where I stopped the overconsumption of information (like fad diets, books, podcasts, blogs, etc.) and began to explore the depths of the wounding that was manifesting into the desire to numb my emotionality in the first place.

Through this work, my never-ending struggle finally made sense. It finally all came together. I realized:

If we want to start feeling better, we need to be better feelers.

I truly believe we are going to help the world heal when we help the world feel. There is no other way. This is what I believe from the depths of my soul, and based on the transformations I’ve witnessed in working with thousands of women throughout my career.

Will you help me carry the torch of healing others through feeling?

All love,


Is this worth the investment?

It takes dedication, commitment, and hard work to build a successful coaching brand and business.

There is no way around this type of commitment. If you’re looking for easy shortcuts or a quick and dirty way to become a millionaire, then this program isn’t for you.

But if you are ready to up level your coaching practice or start a coaching company from scratch, we can give you the tools and skill set to establish a successful company in an industry filled with endless coaching opportunities.

You will be trained to charge $100 – $500 per hour-long session, based on your positioning and the services that you offer. An important part of the process will be allowing you to discover and refine your true passion, so that you are highly motivated to serve your client base.

I will give you the tools and knowledge that I used to make this a reality for myself. If you take everything you are taught and implement it–if you really commit to an abundance mindset and work to make it happen–I truly believe you will have success as a coach.

Will you help me carry the torch of healing others through

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