Thank You, Light Beam! You're Officially In The VIP Experience!

Congratulations On Believing in Yourself, Taking Action, and Learning about becoming a Trauma-Informed Coach that Creates Real Healing!

The world sorely needs people like you, who are willing to go all-in and be their best selves to fulfill their mission on this planet.

Now,  Do This BEFORE The Challenge to Make the Most Out of Your VIP Experience 
(with the Pause support, of course!)


Over the next few days you'll be getting some special emails from Sam + The Pause Team. They'll have your next steps, Zoom links, times, and instructions to really juice the challenge.


The Coaching Action Plan will help me -and my team- know exactly where you're at in your journey so we can support your needs in the challenge. We may call you by name on the call 😉 So fill it out to help us.


Add the events to your calendar so you can remember when to show up for the live calls, plan ahead, and have all the fun in our brunch together. All are intimate settings with Sam + The Pause Team so come live!

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