The Pause Coaching Masterclass

Learn how to build an abundant and transformational coaching business with these 4 insider secrets that can virtually guarantee you’ll be booked-out on referrals only! 

February 9 at 12pm – 1pm PST

For new, aspiring or seasoned coaches | Free for a limited time only | Reserve your seat by registering below

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Transform Your Practice. Change the World. 

The journey from mediocre to masterful starts here…

In this Free 60-minute masterclass, I’m sharing all the secrets of how I went from waiting tables at a local bar in Vancouver…

To building a global brand and movement that empowers us humans, to turn their pain into purpose…

And profit wildly – and ethically- from it!

And how after more than 10 years coaching, practicing breathwork, and certifying 600+ coaches in the wellness industry, I’ve crafted and perfected four simple strategies that virtually guarantee a booked-out, referral-based business for new and seasoned coaches in all sectors. 

You may be thinking: “that sounds too good to be true,” and yet, in my experience, 96% of coaches in the US wellness industry are currently not implementing them!

That’s a lot of cash and opportunity left on the table. More importantly, that’s a lot of souls not getting the support they deserve. 

These tiny but mighty changes have helped me and my students 10X a coaching practice in just 10 months, whether they were just starting out or running it for 5 years

When you're ready to hit those 15K months by doing what you love and helping people: hit that button below and join us for Free!

BONUS: Stay to the end of the Masterclass to get exclusive details on the Pause Coaching Certification Program, the Phoenix Formula, and even hear from some of our graduates!

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